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Reality management plays an important role in delivering results on major events. It is a subject that cannot be detailed on a single page but can be summed up in some examples of how it has made a difference in Paul's adventure journey.

Queensgate Atlantic Rowers

By gaining an understanding of the whole picture allowed Paul to identify that the team was personally funded at different levels by the four rowers. He advised the team to start the row bonded by "DEBT". If the level of commitment was not in perfect harmony and balance when they set out on such a challenge, it would cause a "firework situation" at a point in the row when they were at their lowest emotional point. Emotions have a major effect on performance.

World Cup Rally 2003

When you put two strangers together in an endurance event you are playing with fire. Emotional management is key to gaining the best out of your partner. Never take competition to a point where your personal integrity or desire for success gets in the way of treating another human being properly. Sophie and Paul went from being part of a sponsorship and media plan to laughing and crying together, to pulling off Sophie’s best result in International rallying.

Working with High Profile Athletes in a Media Environment

Paul Says "Don’t always believe what you see on Television. To sell programs, sometimes they sacrifice and manipulate the qualities of an individual to increase the viewing figures. I have worked with some very high profile people who are portrayed as complete a**h***s. In real life they are genuine and very motivated individuals who have a desire to finish a challenge. That does not make great TV, so they are portrayed in a negative light which is not always in the best interest of the individual. If it was easy, everyone would do it".

Race2Recovery Dakar Team

They started out with an objective of getting the first disabled team across the line of the Dakar Rally. You then mix that with high profile sponsorship demands and media pressures and it would have been very easy to lose sight of their original aim. This happened to the Race2Recovery team about four months from the start line. However, a high level of interpersonal respect and determination under good leadership brought the project back into focus for the Dakar. This was taken onto the rally and history tells the rest of the story. Paul says "The skills and comradeship instilled in each and everyone in the Race2Recovery team should be an example to us all moaning about our everyday life. I gained more from working with these guys than any high profile athlete or team. It was real, it was hard to the point of almost impossible and it is an inspiration that cannot be taught in books".

Adventure Journey
ASPIRE 360 Round Britain Sailing Challenge

Eroica Britannia 2015

Three Peaks 24 Hour Challenge (Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike, Snowdon)
BCS United Learning ICE Adventure Challenge 2013

Race2Recovery Dakar Team
Arctic Jubilee Expedition

Tuareg Rallye: Personal Challenge - Navigator on Desert Rally
WWF Ecover Blue Mile: Operations Director

WWF Blue Mile: Co-founder of Blue Mile with Conrad Humphreys
Engadin Skimarathon: Personal Challenge

Nokia Nordic Adventure Challenge: Operations for Nokia on new adventure concept

John O Groat’s to Land's End Cycle: : Personal Challenge
Mark Webber Pure Tasmania Challenge 2008: Operations Director

Mark Webber Pure Tasmania Challenge: Operations
Devises to Westminster Kayak Race: Personal Challenge

Mark Webber Pure Tasmania Challenge: Talented Athlete Engagement

Driver Management Chris Cooke Racing at Donington

Queensgate First Four Man Team to row the Atlantic Row

World Cup Rally 2003: Navigator for Sophie Robinson
Great North Run: Ran the Run as a Personal Challenge

Working with Bernie Shrosbree
Oxygen Tents, Hydration Drinks, Motorsport Experience, Carbon Racing Bikes

World Cup Rally 2001 - Team Eco flow: Navigator for Lee Broderick

British Rally Championship - Andy Burnell Rally Team

British Rally Championship - Mike White Rally Team

British Rally Championship - Mike White Rally Team

The first Triathlon Pro Wetsuit Designed, Launched as the First of its Kind in the World of Triathlon
Bill Rodgers Etonic Triathlon Team: First Commercially sponsored Triathlon Team.
British Long Course Championships

London to Paris Triathlon
Dartmoor 100; Personal Challenge to run a 100 miles across Dartmoor

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