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My work with the Race2Recovery team was probably the most rewarding in the last ten years. I entered into the spirit and objectives of the team and gave my services pro bono. The principle objective was to achieve the first disabled competitor/team across the line in the hardest motorsport event in the world.

I met the team through Dave Marsh MD of QT Services who manufactures the Wildcat used on the rally. I worked with Pav Taylor the team manager and although my experience in motorsport stretched across many areas of the team, it was clear that it would be more benefical to concentrate my efforts on human performance. Time was against me and no resources were in place. My enthusiasm made me want to over promise on delivery, but my experience told me to concentrate on simple improvements to a team that started from a blank canvas and with no real motorsport experience and help turn it into a multi million pound fully operational rally team. I could spend pages telling you how impressed I am with the team's achievement but history will tell this story better than me.

Ben Gott - Race2Recovery (Paul White, Jigsaw Solutions, ICE Performance) My guidance included fitness assessments which were delivered through Dr Andrew Middlebrooke founder and director of Exercise Science Consulting Ltd. Over £8,000 of Hydration and Nutrition product from USN combined with advice to the team on the importance and use of USN product. Also Merida Bikes kindly donated a Cross-Fit training bike for Pav to achieve some personal development in a very stressful period of his life.

I have gained more from this team than any other that I have worked with. They started out as genuine human beings, each with a cause and a belief and ended up as a group of people that I and many others have a huge amount of respect for. The qualities that each individual carried through this rally should be a lesson to more experienced and well known adventurers in why and how they achieve their objectives. My relationship with each member of the team makes me want to ensure that I am there on each of their individual or team's future journeys into the world of adventure.

More than any project that I have undertaken before, working with the Race2Recovery Team reinforced in my mind how important the ICE philosophy is and underlines how much human performance means to success. By concentrating on a defined key area, focusing energy and resources to underpinning this, helped the Team to deliver it's undeniable success.

A Wildcat cannot cross the finish line on its own, ICE activated and delivered the importance of human performance. Andrew Middlebrook - Dave Marsh - Race2Recovery (Paul White, Jigsaw Solutions, ICE Performance)

Above centre picture: Ben Gott, Race2Recovery Team Competitor
Above: Left to Right - Dr. Andrew Middlebrooke, Exercise Science Consulting Ltd and Dave Marsh, QT Services

Paul White, ICE, Adventure, Race2Recovery

This page entitled "Personal Training" was in the book "Race2Recovery Beyond Injury, Achieving The Extraordinary" (published by Haynes Publishing and FirstStep Publishing, 2013) and refers to my involvement in the team that made it into history and the record books. Read the full text by clicking on the image above.

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