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Arctic Jubilee Expedition 2012

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I joined “Education Through Expeditions” in February 2012.

One of my roles was to manage the media delivery of the Arctic Jubilee Expedition with Zoe Young and Daniel Steele from the offices of ETE. This was a first for ETE in terms of linking National and International media with a live link up in the Arctic whilst at the same time ensuring that the Royal message was delivered appropriately and in context with the expedition and its purpose.

I also strengthened the ties with Plymouth University and enabled Antony Jinman to develop and expand his objectives for the company in securing funding through a Springboard grant.

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"A Diamond Jubilee tea party, thought to be one of the most remote in the world, has taken place in the Arctic. Polar Explorer Antony Jinman from Plymouth led a six-man group to the summit of Mount Barbeau. The mountain is on the Queen Elizabeth Islands, 560 miles (901km) from the North Pole.The group started its celebrations at 17:00 BST with tea and cake. It also flew an Explorer's Club flag and sent a message to the Queen. The expedition was designed by Plymouth-based Education Through Expeditions which aims to inspire children through adventure and has linked with schools in the UK and Canada throughout the trip."

Mr Jinman said: "It's an expedition to celebrate the Jubilee, but also as part of the work by Education Through Expeditions to bring the arctic into the classroom for school children both here in the UK as well as in Canada." "The Anglo-Canadian group decided on the challenge because it is 60 years since the Queen Elizabeth Islands were named." "They sent a letter to the Queen saying what they were doing and the Royal House has pledged to reply."

Paul White, Jigsaw Solutions, ICE: Arctic Juibilee Expedition

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