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WWF Blue Mile 2010

On completion of Paul’s duties for Mark Webber Management he met up with Councillor Glen Jordan from Plymouth City Council. Paul expressed his desire to create an event in his home town of Plymouth. Glen recommended that Paul talk to Conrad Humphreys who was active in developing a cause called the Blue Project. Paul and Conrad had a meeting and it was clear from the beginning that they had a synergy in their passion for the world of adventure. The Blue Project's vision was:

“A community that actively cares about sustaining their water environments”

After discussing the benefits of merging their skills, it was agreed that they would concentrate on developing a mass participation in an event that would be called Blue Mile which would develop alongside The Blue Schools, Blue Community and Blue Ambassadors programs. As The Blue Project was in its infancy for Paul this was going to be as a philanthropic exercise, feeding his desire to continue to develop the future of adventure and sporting activity. It met Paul’s objectives and allowed him to maintain a proactive operational role.

The Blue Mile gave Paul the arena to activate all of the skills he had developed over two decades. By working with a small team in Conrad Humphreys, Teresa Page and Vikki Humphreys, it instilled a high level of satisfaction for him under an ever evolving event that needed constant financial management to stay on course. It also utilised and maximised all the skills that the team had acquired throughout their previous roles within the marine world. The team was highly focussed in its objectives in this a perfect start up event case study, that achieved considerable success in such a short period of time. It took Paul back to the days of amateur adventure where resources were limited but the creativity, determination and passion were in bucket loads.

2010 saw the inaugural Blue Mile in Plymouth and it gave the whole team a huge amount of pride to see it go from a blank sheet of paper to a live event.

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