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QUEENSGATE: The World’s first four–man crew ever to row any ocean

Queensgate Atlantic Row (Paul White, Jigsaw Solutions, ICE Performance)

From left, Iain 'Yorkie' Lomas, Phil Langman, Jason Hart, Shaun Barker.

On January 20th 2004 the four-man crew set out from La Gomera to row 2970 miles to Barbados and established a new world record in their 24 by 6 foot boat “Queensgate”. The journey was expected to take up to 50 days – but was achieved in a record 36 days, 59m, 30s.

This event was the real thing in terms of my education in extreme conditions. I don’t mean on the boat in the middle of the Atlantic but in the board room fighting the team’s corner. Creating a media concept that worked with no time to arrange professional help. Form a relationship with four guys who were driven to achieve something that had not been achieved before.

Jason Hart reflected on this in the team’s book. "Paul was a latecomer to our project – employed by Queensgate to help us meet our two objectives. He did more for us media wise, than all of us put together, in the previous five months".

"Because we were so wrapped up in our own thoughts we neglected to appreciate what Paul achieved for us, and he really needs to be thanked".

"Many thanks, Paul.  You helped us more that we appreciated.  You might have thought that it went unnoticed - it didn't."

It would be very easy to write an essay on my journey with these guys but it only serves to show that when a team are driven to do the impossible in the eyes of the public they need a support team that are driven and skilled to understand the objectives and deliver the marginal gains with excellences.

It is amazing that in 2012 Sir David Brailsford has ignited the tag line “Marginal gains” but it has always been about marginal gains and I will never forget talking to the guys in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean as my example of marginal gain. We did not have tens of thousands to spend on communications. Family and friends rallied around to keep their spirits up at great personal expense. At the time my father had died suddenly from a heart attack and I have to thank the guys because their determination to finish the row helped and inspired me through that very difficult personal time. These are four normal guys who do not do the speaker circuit or after dinner speeches, telling their story of 50 foot waves and rations running short. Four guys who are bonded for life in an adventure that was a World first and will be for ever and I am so proud for the part that I played in helping them achieve their dream.

Records Associated With the Queensgate Team:

  • 1st Four man Crew To Row An Ocean
  • Fastest Four Man Crew To Row An Ocean
  • Fastest Crossing From La Gomera To Barbados
  • Fastest Crossing By A UK Crew
  • Fastest Recorded Speed For a 2 Position Rowing Boat (16.5Knots)
  • Fastest Average Speed for a 2 Position Rowing Boat (3.353mph)
  • Winners Of The John Fairfax Regatta 2004
  • Second fastest crew in history to row any ocean, ever!

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The quotations in the text above were taken from the excellent book written by Jennifer Brumham and published by Oar 4 Won which tells the awesome achievement by the Queensgate Rowers, most of it in their own words through diary entries. Click on the image above to see a larger cover picture.

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