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BCS United Learning ICE Adventure Challenge 2013

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“A 21st century adventure challenge for 21st century success!”

Bournemouth Collegiate School (BCS) is bucking the trend yet again and leading the way in education and is launching a new and exciting Adventure Challenge which is offering a huge and diverse range of opportunities to the pupils participating.

The BCS United Learning ICE Adventure Challenge' is an innovative business enterprise, leadership and Adventure Challenge enabling participants to develop new skills relevant for the market place in the 21st century. The Challenge incorporates a school based business/charity/innovation design project and culminates in a physical adventure challenge 8 months later on the Purbecks in Dorset. Throughout the challenge process, participants will engage in intellectual, mental, physical and team work challenges which will equip them with, amongst others, business, leadership and strategic planning skills.

BCS Principal Stephen Duckitt said, "Education is about developing new skills and testing your competitive instincts against others in preparation for the world of work and university success. The Adventure Challenge will develop initiative, enterprise and team work – key ingredients for the 21st century."

Stephen Duckitt, who is in his fourth year as Principal at Bournemouth Collegiate School, added, "This is a fantastic opportunity for a student to make their life CV stand out and gain credibility on personal statements for university and future employment."

Bournemouth Collegiate School, which is part of the United Learning Group has opened up the Adventure Challenge to other schools in the Group and it is anticipated that about 10 schools from within United Learning will register for the Adventure Challenge when the full event is launched in September 2014. Mike Cording from Salford Academy said, "A number of our Sixth Formers are keen to use this opportunity to enhance their team building and leadership skills which Universities love to see on UCAS applications. Our business students are keen to put the theory into practice through a real-life project and our athletes, as always, are raring to go!"

Bournemouth Collegiate School has a thriving Sports Academy and boasts some of the country’s top sports coaches, including Director of Performance, Bernie Shrosbree, who has 30 years’ experience at the cutting edge of adventure and endurance sport worldwide. Bernie is also currently performance coach for Red Bull’s Formula One driver, Mark Webber. Bernie will be working on the BCS United Learning ICE Adventure Challenge in partnership with Paul White from the ICE Management Team. Paul has operationally delivered many major endurance teams across the finish line and will be introducing the team performance and motivation analysis tool called ICE which is used for high performance corporations and sports teams.

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Ben Fogle, a patron of the challenge, gives an inspirational talk to the participants and helpers in a relaxed atmosphere at the site of the original Baden Powell Scout Camp on Brownsea Island.

Bernie Shrosbree said, "We are thrilled to have the support of Ben Fogle who has agreed to become a Patron of the BCS United Learning ICE Adventure Challenge. He is such an inspiration to our students. Adventure challenges have been my life and helped me develop the skills and wisdom to enable me to work with many top sportsmen. This Challenge will be unlike any other challenge. It won’t be about the fittest: it’s a team event, where every team member can contribute and make a difference. Every student’s journey will be different. An incredible opportunity for them all."

Bournemouth Collegiate School hosted a showcase two day Adventure Challenge event at the end of June in preparation for the launch of the full Adventure Challenge to United Learning Schools. It was a testing weekend of endurance, teamwork, fitness, agility, drive and determination. Excited participants were joined by event Patron, Ben Fogle, and the Royal Marines.

BCS Team member, Ana Mojasevic enthused: "The event has shown us all just how important it is to work together as a team, to recognise others’ strengths and weaknesses and to support each other accordingly. We have really enjoyed this new experience and really bonded with each other."

Olly Milroy (the youngest member of the recent Arctic Jubilee Expedition) and this time representing the Osprey Packs Team said: "I enjoyed all the challenges but in particular the orienteering task. In the North Pole maps are not used and compasses do not work so the orienteering was a whole new experience for me. I used to be a Scout and I enjoyed getting away from electronics and technologies and using basic navigational skills."

Scout Leader Wes Swain added: "We camped under the stars last night. It was amazing! We loved the fact that we were camping in such an historic location!"

Jon Coles, Group Chief Executive of United Learning commented: "A good education is multi-faceted and we want every student across our academies and independent schools to have the opportunity to test themselves in all manner of situations. All teams are to be congratulated for completing this series of adventure challenges. The resilience, determination and inner and outer strength needed for such a gruelling couple of days is tremendous and every participant can be proud of their endurance."

If you want to find out if you can be involved in next year's challenge call Paul White by visiting the contact page.

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