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John O'Groats to Land's End

Gretna, Gateway to Scotland - (Paul White, Jigsaw Solutions) Welcome to England - (Paul White, Jigsaw Solutions)

What can I say “This one was personal.”

John O’Groats to Land's End with my family by bike. It does not get any better. No celebrities, no media targets, no corporate safety plans or Board of Directors to answer to. But do you know, as a father travelling the roads of Britain this was the most stressful event I have ever run. I now know what the Brodericks felt when we did the World Cup Rally to the Sahara and back with their two sons.

Safety, I was at my best which mean’t the occasional abuse to crazy drivers. Media, my wife Jane with a point and click. Catering, back up vehicle and logistics, again my wife Jane all on her own. Targets to finish safely. Achievement massive. My co-riders were, my youngest son Ian 15 at the time now studying Sports Science at Exeter University, my eldest son Matthew a Shelterbox response team member and planning his own adventures after he and girl friend Rachel (also riding with us) spent a year travelling North to South across South America and last but not least Matthew's good friend Duncan. The family motto is “There is no such word as can’t".

Journeys End at Land's End - (Paul White, Jigsaw Solutions)

From left to right, Duncan , me, Rachel, Ian, (my long suffering wife) Jane, and Matthew

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