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Working with
Bernie Shrosbree

Bernie Shrosbree It is impossible to put into words how important my friendship with Bernie Shrosbree (right) has been in my adventure life. I not only have someone who I respect immensely but I have a person who gets Paul White. Bernie has an amazing CV in his own right and continues to push the boundaries of endurance and athlete performance management.

He has been the person who has introduced me to the elite end of adventure sport and although I have created my own personal journey and accolades, he has sprinkled the quality and excitement into my CV through such people as Colin Mc Rae, Mark Webber and James Cracknell (all pictured below), making me a better man for meeting and working with them. It allowed me to get into the inner circle and understand the politics of top tier team management, media delivery and the human side of genuine people who are sometimes portrayed in a different light through the media.

Bernie has allowed me to be myself and we have shared a love for adventure unequalled by anyone else in my life. I thank you for the past, the future, the unknown and unconquered.

Paul White, Jigsaw Solutions, ICE: Colin McRae, Mark Webber, James Cracknell

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