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What We Aim To Achieve For Our Clients

Client Service
Crystal Clear Charging Structure
Comprehensive Lifestyle Assessment
Collaborate With Specialists
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In this new era for Financial Services, here are some of the things we aim to achieve for our Clients:

CLARITY of Fees paid to Jigsaw Solutions


Visible REDUCTION in total expense ratio on Investments introduced in 2013 onwards

FOCUSED and detailed Lifestyle Assessment bringing out the hidden issues that we would not normally speak to our Financial Adviser about

Higher level of ANALYSIS and understanding of the specialists and their capabilities to deliver the best results

No LEGACY fee or commission charging

Engagement with SPECIALISTS enhances overall access to knowledge, understanding, care and after service delivery

Greater LEVEL of experience and qualifications of individuals working on our financial health

Much more TIME spent explaining the “ Knowing your client interface”

Belief and TRUST built up quicker

Knowing that continued reviewing by Jigsaw Solutions secures a higher level of COMMITMENT from the specialists

The specialists are NOT GUARANTEED ownership of the clients affairs so they have to be on their toes at all times

Jigsaw Solutions is seen like our HEALTH GP as someone that will be there for the birth of our first child and the passing away of our grandparents

You would not want to visit your Heart Surgeon more than once but you would expect to leave the operating table ALIVE

Jigsaw Solutions on one hand is very TRADITONAL in its personal care of families but FORWARD THINKING in its delivery

Please note: “For Investments we act as introducers only”

ICE Financial Business Model

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