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The FCA's new era in financial services has brought major changes in how advisers are paid. Even so, there still exists a lack of clarity for Clients who still have a level of confusion and mistrust in the industry. Jigsaw Solutions have resolved this dilemma by separating out their charges into SERVICE and TRANSACTIONAL business. By establishing this distinction the Client can clearly see where the work has been completed and who by.

Paul White, Jigsaw Solutions, Financial Planner As “Knowing your Client” is the key driving force within the industry, Jigsaw Solutions has advanced the quality and depth of analysis completed at the front end. This is charged under SERVICE. We complete a comprehensive risk analysis of your financial plans and lifestyle objectives. No transactions or third party transactional services are included in the service stage of our planning. This allows clients to fully understand where they are, where they want to go and what the future will look like.

On completion of this stage Clients can then decide without fear of influence or bias which consultant /specialist they would like to perform the delivery of their solution / aspiration. Jigsaw Solutions will undertake this work under their TRANSACTIONAL work and fees structure. Jigsaw Solutions takes no third party introduction fees from the consultant or specialist for investments and pension transactions which guarantees to you the Client that any decisions made on your behalf by Jigsaw Solutions are free from any earnings bias.

This provides a crystal clear division of responsibilities and service to enable the client to understand the charging structures surrounding their requirements. In simple terms:

  • It allows the client to see the TOTAL EXPENSE RATIO of their investments

  • It gives the client a CLEAR review of their financial circumstances

  • It provides CLARITY to all fees and charges

  • It allows PLANNING void of any bias towards investment business

  • It engages with SPECIALISTS that hold expert knowledge and qualifications in their specific area of financial and lifestyle planning

  • It allows a level of TRUST to be built up with the planner, knowing that the objectives and outcomes are focused, simplified and justifiable in all areas of engagement

Please note: “For Investments we act as introducers only”

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