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In this new era for Financial Services Jigsaw Solutions have made two bold moves to establish clarity in two areas of financial and lifestyle planning.

    (i) No fee revenue generated through third parties on Investment and Pension advice. This means that Jigsaw Solutions are autonomous in its research and recommendation of specialists.

    (ii) Collaboration with clearly defined specialists in the identified area of client need. This again allows access by the client to a comprehensive portfolio of specialists in all areas of Wealth, Legal, Succession Planning, Lifestyle, Cash-flow forecasting, Risk and Security.

Paul White, Jigsaw Solutions, Financial Planner

With these two principles in place Jigsaw Solutions can spend more time completing the comprehensive risk assessment and then research the selected priorities of the client in depth. It allows an interface with specialist accountants, legal teams and financial and taxation advisers to determine the best solution to mitigate the risk associated with the clients present, future and succession objectives.

No longer will the service provided be determined by the size of the investment, or the financial adviser’s chosen area of expertise. Now you will be directed to the precise person or persons that have the depth of knowledge to secure the right solution.

In simple terms the focus is on:

  • COMPREHENSIVE Lifestyle Assessment

  • DETAILED Research

  • COLLABORATION With Specialists

  • ESTABLISHING THE TOTAL EXPENSE RATIO For All Investments And Pensions Through Quotations And Advice Given By Specialists

  • MAXIMIUM Focus On Overarching Family And Business Protection

  • CONTINUITY Of Trust In Jigsaw Solutions

  • LONGEVITY Of Quality Advice

  • Finally, Making The Hard Decisions With INTEGRITY

Please note: “For Investments we act as introducers only”

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