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"I have enjoyed an amazing journey meandering through the world of adventure but now I have arrived at the next junction of my life."

It is important to Paul that he adds value to the adventure market. For this reason he has decided to focus his energy and experience on working with young people and their aspirations. Paul feels that the synergy derived from two generations gives the opportunity to push the boundaries of exploration further. This will bring experience and youth to the table in a positive and dynamic manner.

To achieve this Paul has formed the ICE Performance Team. To qualify for a place on the team you have to be under the 30 years of age and have an aspiration to succeed in your chosen field. Team selection does not discriminate through location, additional needs or aspiration.

How does the ICE Performance Team work?


If you are aspiring to take on a challenge, ICE offers collaboration with specialist advice, knowledge, financial, management and operational expertise. In short: Young people short cut to a mountain of experience and assistance. Even though you may have the passion, access to equipment and determination, these alone cannot ensure that you will attain your goals, you need to be able to rely on decades of know-how in the field of your chosen aspirations.

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ICE as a performance and motivation tool

Now ICE is working with academic institutions and corporate organisations to develop young individuals. to maximise their abilities by drawing on the experience and knowledge of expedition and challenge achievements.

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ICE Team Alumni

This is key to the continued legacy of ICE’s work. As an ICE Performance Team member attains the age of 30, they would have built up their own knowledge and experience and fundamentally learnt from what they could have done better. This now moves them across to the specialist side of the Team and allows the Team to maintain a pipeline of young achievers and experienced specialists. A perfect alumni model.

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