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Director of Business Employability and Enterprise, Plymouth Studio School

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The first school to be built in the grounds of a University and a string of firsts continues as every day passes. I have been very focused on bringing over thirty years in high profile event management to the table to encourage, develop and inspire the young people of Plymouth to reach for the top. Education is a complicated environment but, with such a young team the potential success has no boundaries. The key focus and objective has been about

Creating a sustainable link between The Business World, Elite Sport , Tourism and Education

After key elements of my work materialised through work placements in high profile business, sport and tourism companies around the City in 2016 the school can now develop onto its next stage of recognition. On handing on the the baton at the end of the summer term Matthew Lennon Principal of Plymouth Studio School spoke about Paul’s time at the school.

“The legacy is there for all to see. Thank you for everything you have done both professionally and personally for the school”

Following my departure, a pupil took the time and thought to send this message which I was very humbled and touched to receive.

“Thank you so much for my assignment. That's a very kind and thoughtful thing to do. I massively appreciate that, and it looks great! You've been an incredible teacher, and I'd like to thank you for all you've done and taught me this past year. You're a very inspirational person, good luck with everything that you do. Thank you again Paul- for everything!”

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