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A Future In Sailing

Within my role as part of the Sam Goodchild Racing Vendee Globe Campaign, I have developed and launched with our team "A Future in Sailing" in Plymouth.

Top SW offshore sailor, Sam Goodchild is launching a new initiative, "A Future in Sailing" in Plymouth. This project will see the successful sailor’s team working with Destination Plymouth, Plymouth University, the Royal Western Yacht Club and Horizons Sailing Charity. To begin with the consortium will be looking at developing a youth sailing project to encourage as many young people in the city to get involved in sailing as possible.

As well as the focus on youth sailing, the consortium is also looking at bringing together everyone involved in Plymouth’s marine industry: from alternative energy companies to composite manufacturers, from electrical and marine engineers to tourism leaders.

Dr Andrew Eccleston, retired Programme Manager for Marine Studies at Plymouth University: "Plymouth has a plethora of talent in the marine world. By bringing everyone together to work on a single, coherent message, surely that’s great news for the city and its future reputation on the international sailing stage."

Events like the America’s Cup have given Plymouth an appetite for success. To achieve an international standing in the sailing world the consortium believes that Plymouth is more powerful by being seen to be working together rather than as a group of individuals. Hopefully this will prove invaluable in developing Plymouth as Britain’s Ocean City.

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